Video Workshops

Perhaps uniquely for a company like ours we offer training workshops in video production to schools, youth centres, community groups and other educational establishments. We can provide fun and informative learning in all stages of video production, which can be adapted for all ages and abilities.

Courses cover:

  • Introduction to shot composition, camera angles and movement
  • Hands on session shooting sequences
  • Project ideas and scripting
  • Storyboarding sequences
  • Sound recording, music and sound FX
  • Shooting projects
  • Editing and presentation of projects

We have extensive experience working with schools and community groups ranging from a few hours tuition to a full termly basis. The workshop / training sessions promotes self-confidence, team building and communication skills which will really inspire the participants to explore their creative side.

Delivery Method

We are able to provide your project in a range of formats.

Video formats include:

DVD Format
.AVI File Format
.FLV Flash Video Format
.MOV File Format
.WMV Windows Media Video Format
.MPEG4 Video Format

Audio formats include:

.MPEG3 Audio Format
.WAV Audio Format


Recent Work

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