Training Videos

Educating staff, end product users and other stakeholders is of vital importance to any business. By using training videos organisations can ensure key messages are delivered in an engaging, clear and consistent way.

They can do this in an affordable manner minimising staff overheads, maximising efficiency and allowing users to learn at their own speed. Key uses of training videos include:

  • Staff Induction to company premises, policies and ethos
  • Instructional demonstration of your product/service
  • Health and Safety procedures
  • Sales and product guidance
  • Team building
  • Management and leadership skills

Delivery Method

We are able to provide your project in a range of formats.

Video formats include:

DVD Format
.AVI File Format
.FLV Flash Video Format
.MOV File Format
.WMV Windows Media Video Format
.MPEG4 Video Format

Audio formats include:

.MPEG3 Audio Format
.WAV Audio Format


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