Charity Videos

This is a magnificent tool which enables a charity to tell a story.

This narrative can often focus on what the charity does, the importance and life defining differences the charity makes to lives, and often has an emotional connection with the viewer. It can educate people, make people aware, highlight the core reason why continued fundraising is imperative, or attract people to volunteer to that organisation.

Charity videos are a passion of A JEM Production, and we see the positive impact we can make to an organisation. To show our committed support we always give 20% off our standard rates for the charitable sector.

Delivery Method

We are able to provide your project in a range of formats.

Video formats include:

DVD Format
.AVI File Format
.FLV Flash Video Format
.MOV File Format
.WMV Windows Media Video Format
.MPEG4 Video Format

Audio formats include:

.MPEG3 Audio Format
.WAV Audio Format


Recent Work


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