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Title: Somerset Levels RDA Volunteer Video

Client: Somerset Levels RDA Carriage Driving Group

Brief: The aim of this project was simple, to attract more volunteers, the sole basis on which the group runs. We needed to encourage new people to volunteer to help the group.  It was important that the human element of why people volunteer, the contribution they make, what a difference they make to disabled people's lives and also how their lives have been enhanced.  This video needed to tell a story and the interviews with everyone involved, brought the whole piece to life.

How We Did It

The video was filmed over a series of 4 days, where we filmed footage of the ponies, the volunteers working, interviews with them and also the disabled people who use the service.

We also filmed Anthony Head the patron of the Somerset Levels who linked the sections of the video together and draws the audience in more than anyone could have imagined.

Delivery Method

This video has been uploaded to the charity's website via YouTube  DVD's were also made so that the videos can be played at events, presentations and sent out to potential donors.

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You are right to be proud. It captures the group ethos entirely. It's exactly what we're about. Superb shots of the ponies in the sunshine - I'd forgotten just what a good summer it was. Well done both!

- Somerset Levels RDA Carriage Driving Group

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