Awareness Video

Title: Peer Tutors

Client: Bristol City Council

Brief: We were commissioned by Bristol City Council to create a film about the role of peer tutors in schools. We needed to establish what positive effect the peer tutors had on younger people and also how the peer tutors were perceived by the young people they were working with. We also needed to show how much the peer tutor's themselves had gained from their individual experience.


How We Did It

To establish the impact of Peer Tutors it was really important to show a wide range of activities that were taking place.  A large number of shoot days took place, whilst specific events were happening. 

We interviewed Peer Tutors and younger people and because they were so eloquent we were able to use a lot of their responses to lead the viewer through the video.  Voiceover was used in a few places as a tool to add additional information.

Delivery Method

Peer Tutors was authored to DVD to be shown to prospective investors in the scheme, it was also shown to future young people that may want to become Peer Tutors and it also created a record of the events and activities that Peer Tutors have been involved in.  It was duplicated 100 times for distribution and uploaded to YouTube where it has been viewed over 2,750 times to date.

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I have worked with A JEM Production for over 6 years and continue to use their services. Their unique ability to make people of all ages feel relaxed and be able to talk clearly on film is a gift. The quality of the DVD that they create is fantastic and I still very much appreciate working with them as they make the whole experience very enjoyable.

- Bristol City Council

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