Promotional Video

Title: Military Bridging Support and Capabilities

Client: Mabey Bridge Ltd

Brief: This project was to be a high impact, visually exciting video that shows Mabey's high quality bridges and shows visual examples of the bridges in situ, by media provided by Mabey, which was mostly still images.  It was important to personally engage with the viewer with someone who would be recognised by those in the military world, but also someone who knows all about the bridges.

How We Did It

Martin, the Military Sales Manager was very capable to talk to the camera so we filmed key points of the script to camera and Martin provided the voiceover for the rest of the filming.

We filmed Martin against a black backdrop with full lighting set up in half a day.  Due to this video being the flag ship promotional video the quality needed to be high.  The biggest difficulty with this project was that we needed to show off the bridges in situ, but were mainly provided with still images.  To prevent this video feeling static, we designed a “military” feel to the piece, with a highlight box animated throughout the whole video focusing on key areas mentioned in the script.  We also incorporated sound effects and motion graphic text, to keep the viewers attention on the key messages.  Music was specifically composed to fit this video and the ethos of Mabey Bridge, elevating the overall high quality of the piece.

Delivery Method

This video was exported to MP4 file and uploaded to Mabey Bridge's YouTube channel to be accessed worldwide.

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The military audience is extremely specialist and important to Mabey Bridge. We attend several military defence and security events every year and wanted to produce a video that would with stand time and capture the advantages of our military bridging. We had a couple of brainstorming meetings with A JEM which a storyline was produced from. A JEM helped to gather existing content and also plan for the additional footage which was required. We had a great day of filming and learnt a lot around the process of producing a video which will feed into future video content and planning. The final piece was great. Jo had carefully pulled together the design, from background template, colour palette, to even the military font. We were extremely happy with the end result and continue to be used in our e-marketing activity.

- Mabey Bridge Ltd

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