Promotional Video

Title: Loughor Viaduct Replacement Bridge

Client: Mabey Bridge Ltd

Brief: The aim was to succinctly show how much work it took to replace the Loughor Viaduct over 15 hours. The video needed to have relevant facts explaining specifics about how such a massive replacement actually came to fruition.

How We Did It

We were supplied with timelapse footage and it was important in the editing to make sure that the footage showed the movement of viaduct, but also appropriately place facts about what was happening. It was essential to make use of clear typography, so that it fitted the Mabey brand.

Delivery Method

This video was exported to MP4 file and uploaded to Mabey Bridge's YouTube channel to be accessed worldwide.

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In our line of business we see many interesting construction techniques and projects including the Loughor Viaduct replacement. A JEM had previously produced a design template for time lapse videos which we were very pleased with. The footage was provided to A JEM to add captions and edit, in an extremely tight time frame. This was turned around in a matter of days to produce real time content.

- Mabey Bridge Ltd

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