Awareness Video

Title: LAAD Exhibition Invite

Client: Mabey Bridge Ltd

Brief: This project had dual purpose, one, for a video which would be filmed in English, Spanish and Portuguese to be sent via email as an e-shot invitation to LAAD 2013. Secondly to be run in a loop on an event stand at the exhibition in Rio explaining what Mabey had to offer to the military in Latin America.

How We Did It

It was important to have human interaction with the audience and we did this by filming the 3 introductions to camera, in 3 different languages, with a full lighting set up in 1 day.

All of the videos made for Mabey bridge have specific design elements, so that you know that the video you are watching is branded for Mabey. This video was no exception. We were supplied with old footage Mabey had of the bridges in action, but because the size of the footage is much smaller than new HD footage we needed to create a smaller window to play this in. We managed to use this to our advantage, by using the curved windows on both sides of the screen, one with rolling footage the other with information about the event.

Delivery Method

This video was exported to MP4 file so that it could be sent via email as an e-shot or put onto a hard drive and played at the event looped.

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Being an international company, we regularly send multi lingual e-shots to various audiences. To inject some life into our content we wanted to produce a personal event video invite to our customers. Being a novice in producing videos, A JEM were a great help in guiding me through from start to finish. A JEM helped us to brainstorm ideas, the story line and overall design of the video. They made the employees who were being filmed very relaxed and overall had a great day. The end result was fantastic, one of our greatest email open rates.

- Mabey Bridge Ltd

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