Awareness Video

Title: Extending Learning - A Varied Menu

Client: Bristol City Council

Brief: To create a 3 part DVD about "Extending Learning, a Varied menu". This video was an 8 minute overview introducing extending learning and the other 2 films on the DVD. The clip we have uploaded has been edited down to just over 4 minutes to give a feel of the piece.

How We Did It

To achieve such variety in this video we needed to go on many different shoots, collecting both stimulating visuals and interviews to really give voice to the video.  This included interviewing contributors such as Peter Lord from Aardman Animation and Duncan Goodhew MBE.

We worked with our clients very closely in the planning stage so that they were able to create a voiceover that would lead the piece.  Music was commissioned specifically for this film showing both reflective and upbeat sections in the narrative.  The objective of the video was to really show the benefits of Extending Learning in the Bristol City Council.

Delivery Method

“Extending Learning, a Varied menu” was made to be shown to groups that would want to take part in the scheme, people who may wish to invest, teachers and schools who wanted to know more, also it was shown at various meetings and conferences.  This video was authored to DVD with a menu system designed so people could access various sections when needed.  It was then duplicated over 100 times for distribution.

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A JEM Production is exceptionally talented and highly professional partnership that has demonstrated a particular skill in showing a positive image of young people and our work with them. Over the past three years I have had the privilege of commissioning three projects for Bristol's Children and Young People's Service. The result has been three stunning DVD's that capture exactly, and indeed surpass, their original intentions. It has been a privilege to have been a part of A JEM Production.

- Bristol City Council

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